St Michael's CE Primary


We aim to provide a challenging, balanced and stimulating mathematics curriculum based on the National Curriculum. We promote a positive and confident attitude to maths as an exciting, creative and relevant subject. We also want to ensure that all our children realise their potential, becoming confident and enthusiastic mathematicians. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that there is a focus on promoting core numeracy skills; such as multiplication tables, number bonds and place value; as well as reasoning and explaining our ideas to gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

We want all children to become confident and articulate mathematicians.

We achieve this by ensuring all of our pupils:

  • develop fluency in their mathematical understanding, being able to rapidly recall and apply their knowledge.
  • learn to reason mathematically, using mathematical language  to explain their understanding.
  • can solve problems, through applying their mathematical knowledge in various contexts and using different strategies.

We have an exciting mathematics curriculum and children have access to a range of learning resources to develop a secure depth of understanding.

Please have a look at our calculation policies, which ensure children develop written and mental fluency:

We also believe that ‘knowledge is power’ when it comes to Maths. Children practise their ‘Number Essentials’ and ‘Knowledge Essentials’ to develop confidence and fluency:


Year Group Overviews: Please see our year group maths maps for the objectives taught across the school:

Year 1, Year 2Year 3Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

Useful Websites for Supporting Maths Learning:

A great website with suggestions for supporting your child’s maths learning at home.

Games to help develop rapid recall of maths facts.


Below are some links to some useful websites with games and activities on for children to continue their learning at home.